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G & M Murphy Learning Ltd

Education Consultants

Supporting schools' development of SEND by a thorough health check

SEND Health Check

This would normally be in the following format:

1 A preparatory visit or phone discussion with Head Teacher to ascertain if there are specific areas you wish us to focus on.

2 An analysis of the school website to ensure compliance

3 A detailed examination of Policies. Plans and Reports with specific focus on :-

SEND Policy

Statutory SEND Report

Access (Disability Equality Plan) Plan

Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions policy

Report/Plan for use of Pupil Premium

Report/Plan for use of Literacy/Numeracy Catch Up Funding

Any reference to what the school contributes to the LA Local Offer

Any other documents you feel necessary.

Any reviews/monitoring/evaluations of the above documents

4 At least one day in school to-

Meet relevant staff and discuss policies/plans in action

A possible review of the SEND List and any Graduated approach.

Review Progress Data of SEND Pupils

Review Access arrangements

Meet with some pupils, support staff, SEND Governor - taking account of their views

Explore any feedback from parents/carers

We provide a detailed bespoke checklist prior to the visit.

The cost for the health check is £450